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Mold in Flex Ducting

Mold in Flex Ducting and HVAC Airhandlers More often we are finding ducting materials known as “Flex Ducting” to indicate for mold growth colonizing on the inner walls of this modern duct material. Flex ducts are constructed of a plastic or mylar tube reinforced with a wire (much like a slinky toy) and are insulated with a fiberglass […]

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Top 10 things you can do to Prevent Water Incursion and Mold Damage in your Home

1. Assure gutters, downspouts are functional, especially the buried types. If the buried lines are clogged, disconnect them to spill at the surface extended away from the foundation. Extend spouts away from the foundation by at least 3 feet. Check for gutter overflow during heavy rainfall. Check for ponding  water at the foundation and look […]

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What is Duct Cleaning, what does it entail, and how is it performed properly?

Duct cleaning (aka HVAC cleaning or HVAC remediation) can help you improve and maintain healthy air quality in your home or at your business. Many companies advertise low cost introductory offers for duct cleaning services. But how effective is their service? Does it provide the level of cleanliness and quality of service that you need? […]

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Real Estate Agents: You Need Answers, We Have Them!

If your buyer or seller needs to know exactly what needs to be done to remediate for mold, asbestos, or other environmental concerns, we can provide answers for you with our consultation services. When a home inspection finds mold, how do you qualify what needs to be done and how much it will cost? We […]

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