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Real Estate Agents: You Need Answers, We Have Them!

If your buyer or seller needs to know exactly what needs to be done to remediate for mold, asbestos, or other environmental concerns, we can provide answers for you with our consultation services.

When a home inspection finds mold, how do you qualify what needs to be done and how much it will cost?

We can help you answer these often complex questions in one hour or less with our virtual consultation service. We will take all of the available information you provide to us and provide you with a written report that succinctly summarizes what exactly needs to be done to remediate along with cost ranges for each action based on the provided information.

For the best result, please provide us with the most amount of information available and we will determine a protocol given this knowledge:

  • Home Inspection report
  • MLS Listing with pictures
  • Square footage of affected areas
  • Descriptions of each affected areas
  • Any Laboratory testing performed by the home inspector
  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Phone conversations and conferences with you and your client

Understand that these are only ballpark numbers and do not reflect differences caused by unforeseen problems, changes in market, or pricing provided by other contractors.

Although we aren’t providing you with an official proposal, you will have useful information with dollar figures that are documented to determine quickly what needs to be negotiated without having to spend a lot of time seeking out contractors and getting quotes. This can speed along the process of determining whether a deal is feasible or not, providing your clients with the edge they need when shopping in a hot market.

Please contact us for the latest information regarding pricing for virtual consultation services. We can often schedule a virtual consultation within the same day, providing you with the answers you need in just a few hours.