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Remodel Assessment and Quotation

Cost estimation for gutting, remediation, and
restoration scenarios for commercial buildings.

Remediation and Restoration Contracting Services

Quality remediation and restoration services for commercial
facilities involving Mold, Asbestos, and other hazardous cleanup.

Commercial HVAC Mold Inspections & Remediation

Laboratory testing and visual inspection of commercial
air handlers for mold and indoor air quality.
Remediation services available to clean & treat evaporator coils.

Asbestos Raze Permit Inspection

Certification for raze permit, on site visual inspection
and 3rd Party laboratory analysis.

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Asbestos Vinyl Flooring: The Basics

Asbestos vinyl flooring was widely used until the early 1970’s and so many homes in this area have asbestos containing tiles or flooring mainly in basements and often in kitchens. Typically 9 inch square tiles can be presumed to contain asbestos although testing for asbestos done by a certified asbestos inspector will confirm if it […]

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Forms of Asbestos Commonly Found in Homes

Asbestos materials were used in many building materials starting at the turn of the 20th century (1900’s) when industry became available to mine it as a mineral and refine it as a fiber to be used in hundreds of applications. An asbestos inspection is meant to identify those materials in a household and determine if […]

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Types of Testing for Asbestos

An Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) inspection is meant to identify Asbestos Building Materials and classify them. The following are how materials are identified and if need be analyzed by a certified lab to confirm content: Visual Recognition– Many common materials can be Visually Identified. The appearance of texture, color, age, and application make some materials easy to […]

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