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Our onsite visual inspection service aims to identify mold and mildew concerns with practical means by understanding what molds commonly grow on building materials. If you have mold concerns in your home or building, consider our visual inspection service as a precursor to mold surface and air sampling. Be advised, often mold surface and air sampling interpretations are not guided by any known established safety threshold of mold levels. In addition, the cost associated with laboratory testing is sometimes best applied to taking care of visually identifiable concerns.

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A Home Inspection May Not Be Enough for your DC, MD, or VA home!

Consider the cost/benefit of a home inspection. A home inspection is supposed to prepare you for taking on a home as a safe and livable environment for you and your family. A home inspection is a great tool for discovering hidden and potentially expensive problems before you buy. But what a lot of people do […]

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An “Inspection” vs. The “Free Estimate”

The Inspection we perform is meant to be objective. It should be thorough and has no sales pitch, just facts. This means we are straight forward in advising you to the mold conditions you really have. Many times people have minor issues which require no special handling, so in many cases simple cleaning, treatments, and maintenance actions […]

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Crawl Space Conditioning

Crawl Spaces are often subject to humidity and damp or wet conditions which will grow mold and cause strong odors. These conditions can also cause wood rot and structural changes over time.  The following are treatments which are important to consider to improve a crawl space: Vapor Barrier-  Earthen floor crawl spaces must be covered […]

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Does my home really need a Dehumidifier? What should I buy?

Dehumidifiers are critical for the health of your home, particularly if you have a basement that is sub grade. Humidity is what contributes to mold growth! It only takes 60% relative humidity to grow a very common mold called Penicillium/Aspergillus. Combined with dusts, humidity can wreak havoc on building materials like floor joists, subfloor plywood, […]

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