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Crawl Spaces and Mold Problems

If I made a list of building features or scenarios where mold growth is almost always an issue, Crawl Spaces or Void Spaces (areas you can’t actually crawl in to access) would be at the top of the list.

Here’s why:

• Often the floor of a crawl space is below grade and water will pond on the floor of the space providing a damp, cave like environment.

• Humidity levels are high due to passive venting or marginal to no ventilation which accumulates humid air which condenses (every day) especially in the months of June through September.

• Exposed dirt – often there is no or a poorly installed vapor barrier sheeting over the dirt to reduce moisture movement from the soil into the crawl space.

• Outside conditions that are causing wet crawl space conditions such as roof issues or gutter/ downspout drainage by the home foundation.

• Insulation installed upside down exposing paper backed surfaces to the moisture which always grows mold in large surface area.

• Other causes such as dryer venting into the crawl space, condensation lines pouring into the space, plumbing leaks, uninsulated ductwork, cardboard boxes and wood debris stored in the crawl space.

All these variables and conditions produce opportunities for mold growth to be at its most conducive conditions.

When RTS Environmental does a crawl space mold inspection, we inspect the exposed, joists, infrastructure, insulation, venting, sub-flooring and vapor barrier conditions. We look at all of the factors listed above and educate you so you are informed as to the existing scenario and how to remedy or prevent mold form becoming a problem. RTS has the know-how, experience and certification to inspect and fix, if needed, your crawl space scenario.

If you suspect that there may be mold in your home’s crawl space and wish to have better insight to determine the severity of the problem, give RTS Environmental a call to discuss this with a certified mold inspector.

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