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An “Inspection” vs. The “Free Estimate”

The Inspection we perform is meant to be objective. It should be thorough and has no sales pitch, just facts. This means we are straight forward in advising you to the mold conditions you really have. Many times people have minor issues which require no special handling, so in many cases simple cleaning, treatments, and maintenance actions are appropriate, often actions a homeowner can perform. 

The inspection fee we charge is our commitment to be your advocate and explain things in simple and practical terms so you have an educated understanding and you are equipped with what you need to make educated decisions.  Our incentive is to serve you and be your advocate.

Be weary of the Free Inspection or Estimate given the incentive for who is conducting this service may not be considering your best interests. If you want a problem, they will give you one even if you don’t have one.

We save people thousands of dollars through honest perspective and observation.  You will find our reports to be simple and straightforward.  Explanations to be understood and not confused by jargon and exaggeration.