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Mold in Your Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Home Attic

In order to prevent mold from growing, well ventilated attic spaces are critical. Without proper venting (air movement and exchange) many bad things can occur, especially involving mold growth on wooden structures such as roof sheathing or truss members. The following are some of the reasons why mold may begin to grow in an attic:

  • Too much humidity from the HVAC system humidifier
  • Insufficient soffit venting (from the eaves)
  • No ridge venting (at the roof peak)
  • Inadequate gable venting (side vents)
  • Not enough insulation (poor thermal envelop)
  • Clothes dryer venting into the attic (source for high humidity)
  • No bathroom vents, so humidity builds in attic (source for high humidity)
  • Bathroom vents into attic (not above the roof line) (source for high humidity)

These are important items to look for in a mold/moisture inspection involving an attic. We look for these potential problems especially as a means to prevent mold prone environments and educate you on the best approach to prevention as well.

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