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Prevent Mold Before A Problem Occurs

“A Mold /Moisture inspection is also an education in Moisture Prevention.”

A great mold inspection begins with honesty, integrity, and an education. At RTS, we endeavor to help you understand those elements of your home which are significant to preventing mold growth, as well as outlining possible areas of improvement for overall indoor air quality and home health.

Primarily this is understanding the role of moisture control in and around your home. All homes are unique in construction features, materials, aspects of foundation, ground water, drainage, heating & cooling systems, ventilation, and hundreds of other variables.

Part of the inspection is understanding how any number of these variables affects your home and its potential for moisture in any form to produce mold growth. For example, what if you have a full in ground basement and little air exchange between floors and a high ground water table? We would be interested in knowing your relative humidity, if you have a humidifier on your HVAC system, and if you operate a dehumidifier. Under these circumstances, we might suggest you get a dehumidifier and to use room fans to keep air moving in your basement. Also, to be very cautious in regards to operating the humidifier. This set of instructions would orient you to better understanding the role of humidity (high, ambient moisture in the air). These simple controls prevent many molds from blooming on surfaces in your basement due to high relative humidity and stagnant air.