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Licensed, Insured, and Accredited · Residential and Commercial

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Mold Remediation Services

Quality Remediation services available in the Washington, D.C. Metro
region. Containment, engineering controls, and HEPA filtration to protect the health and safety of occupants.

Restoration Solutions

Remodel and restore infrastructure and wallboard. HEPA vacuum filtered cleanup for a clean remodel.

Installation of Dehumidifiers to Condition Spaces

Installation of continuous drain consumer and commercial dehumidifiers to condition subterranean and crawl spaces.

HVAC Mold Remediation

Ensure the health of your HVAC system with expert cleaning and treatments of ducting, air handlers, and evaporator cores.

No Loud Advertising

We use low/minimally marked vehicles for remediation work to ensure your home or jobsite keeps a low profile.

Crawl Space Remediation and Conditioning

Crawl Space remediation to remove mold and debris. Cleaning, application of antifungal sealants, installation of vapor barriers, and installation of insulation to condition crawl spaces.

RTS Enviro?

  • Straightforward and Objective Reporting and Advice
  • Experience Navigating Real Estate Transactions
  • On Site Inspections at a Reasonable Price


An “Inspection” vs. The “Free Estimate”

The Inspection we perform is meant to be objective. It should be thorough and has no sales pitch, just facts. This means we are straight forward in advising you to the mold conditions you really have. Many times people have minor issues which require no special handling, so in many cases simple cleaning, treatments, and maintenance actions […]

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Asbestos Vinyl Flooring: The Basics

Asbestos vinyl flooring was widely used until the early 1970’s and so many homes in this area have asbestos containing tiles or flooring mainly in basements and often in kitchens. Typically 9 inch square tiles can be presumed to contain asbestos although testing for asbestos done by a certified asbestos inspector will confirm if it […]

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Consumers: Ask About Your Contractor’s Mold Certification

These days, lots of contractors say that they’re experts. But are they really? Before you hire someone to inspect, test, or remediate mold from your home or business, ask about their mold certification. Some contractors obtain Mold Certificates from organizations that aren’t very credible. The most credible organizations for certifying mold professionals are the American […]

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Crawl Spaces and Mold Problems

If I made a list of building features or scenarios where mold growth is almost always an issue, Crawl Spaces or Void Spaces (areas you can’t actually crawl in to access) would be at the top of the list. Here’s why: • Often the floor of a crawl space is below grade and water will […]

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